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Some examples particle effects I did for several games, using different engines.

Tornado Shader

The tornado funnel is a simple mesh, and all the movement is handled by the shader. This way the mesh can be rigged and skinned to make the funnel twist and move.

Planet Shader

A planet and sun shaders created in Amplify Shader Editor.

I wanted a fully customizable shader, capable of creating all sorts of planets, from M class planets (sorry, the nerd came out), moons and gas planets.

The gas planets use a flowmap to slightly add turbulence to the clouds.

For terran like characters, the clouds and masked using a noise texture and not a flowmap, to get a more realistic weather evolution and movement.


Volumetric Crystal Shader

Volumetric shader for crystals. It uses Parallax Occlusion to create the insides, also has a configurable IOR, SSS, and different texture possibilities for the internal structures.

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