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About me

Not much to say about me, really. I was hooked to videogames when I first laid my hands on an Atari 2600 when I was 7, and since then, they became my passion and career.


At first I focused mainly on 3d art that had to do with Sci Fi hard edge modeling (I am in love with space, both the science and the fantasy of it), and slowly I branched into other areas of expertise, like rigging, skinning, shader creation (with visual tools), animation, and particle effects.


Finally, my experience with many different AAA engines allowed me to work as a Technical Artist and then as a Technical Art Director, allowing me to be in charge of the performance and inner workings of several products at the same time: researching workarounds for bugs, creating new tools with the help of the studio's programmers and teaching other employees the use of those tools.

I have a keen eye for details and color, and I am always interested in learning new tools and pipelines.


I love all generes of games, but I specially enjoy JRPGs, SCIFI and strategy games.


I am currently living the the beautiful city of Yokohama, Japan.



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